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Your Landscape Specialist

Turf and shrubs are dormant for six months of the year in the cool months of the year. They don’t actively grow until late March. You cannot place a weed barrier down at the same time you place new sod and plants. Weed barriers or chemicals can only be applied to the landscape after it isContinue reading “Your Landscape Specialist”


Late May and June is the time to consider Aeration. This action puts oxygen and water down into the root zone by opening and loosening the soil. Aeration should not be done before April 15th as Georgia is still under a freeze watch till mid-April and this action can damage the roots. Bermuda becomes thickContinue reading “Spring”

Grassy Weeds

I notice in a new house build communities, newly established turf has grassy weeds popping through Bermuda. Very unsightly, and hard to eradicate. Turf Technologies has products that we can use to treat these grassy weeds. Two applications and they are gone! Contact us for a quote and we can solve your Bermuda grass broadleafContinue reading “Grassy Weeds”